Armenia is a landlocked country in the southern Caucasus, between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea, bordered by Turkey to the west, Georgia to the north, Azerbaijan to the east and Iran (Persia) and the Nakhichevan exclave of Azerbaijan to the south. Armenia is a member of the Council of Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States and for centuries has been on the crossroads between the West and East.

Armenia is in the Caucasus Mountains, and its music is a mix of indigenous folk music, perhaps best-represented by Djivan Gasparyan's well-known duduk music, as well as light pop similar to nearby Middle-Eastern countries, and extensive Christian music, due to Armenia's status as one of the oldest Christian nations in the world.

While under Soviet domination, Armenian folk music was taught in a rigidly controlled manner at conservatoires. Instruments played in this way include kanun (dulcimer), davul (double-headed hand drum), oud (lute), tar (short-necked lute) and zurna (shawm). The duduk is especially important, and its stars include Gevorg Dabagian and Yeghish Manoukian, as well as Armenia's most famous musician, Djivan Gasparyan.


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Ambee Dageets joor e galee
Dosh e dalee prrprroom
En oom yarun e nustadz lalee
Hongoor hongoor en saroom

Aee bagh jurer zoolal jurer
Vor galees ex jarereets
Galees antsnoom hand oo choler
Yarus el khumets ed jureets

Aghcheek koyarun yegav antsav
Varvadz darvadz ko seerov
Ervadz jeegyarun yegav antsav
Chu hovatsav bagh juro

Rain drops from under the clouds
Creating bubbles in the form of a breast
It seems someone’s beloved is sitting and crying
That sound of crying on the mountain

That clean, clear water
Which is coming from the mountain
Which runs through the pasture and meadow
My love could have drunk from that water

Your beloved came and went
She was burning, inspired by your love
It was affecting her internally
Even the cold water didn’t help


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Love is like a field that has worn away
There is a little breath that is a breath
In the place of my lover

May God curse...

I love a little one, I am told to leave that one too
Ah, Lashghert, death, tears
Once happy and sweet-smelling

My beautiful fair-haired lover
Go ahead and take my lover!
Oh, sweet-smelling...

I know of a lover who misses you terribly

(chorus:) Gorani, Gorani, my beloved Gorani.


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Seereer yerker-oo meeshd jhubuda,
es ashkharkeets andard kuna,

eench vor unes, en guh muna,

tsunorkneree mee havadah.

Garodel em, ches meghkunar?

Es tsaveen yes chem teemanar.

Eem hakeemun es tarman ara,
serus anmooraz chuh mahana.

Serus seerov-ut harpena,
orus kez hed shen antsgana,

tegooz amen mart eemana,
to eem surdee derun-es heemah.

Aree seerenk kanee gyank ga,
es ashkaroom ov gu munah.

Sern el gantsnee, guh chukana,
gyankuh mahnov guh verchanah.

Love singing and always smiling,
depart worry-free from this world of ours,

whatever you do, will always be
do not believe in idle talk.

I've missed you; don't you pity me?
No longer can I endure the pain of separation.

You're the physician who can heal me,
don't let my love die in longing.

May my love be intoxicated with yours,
and my day with you pass joyfully,

even if everyone will know,
you are my heart's owner now.

Let us love one another as long as we have life,
for who will remain in this world forever.

The love will pass, will disappear,
and life will cease with death.


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Sirun akhchik, sirun yar
yekur, yekur, hokis ar.

Arantz kezi chem kurna
ur vor yertas hetot tar.

Hetet tar indz murushik
tas mu haner anushik.

Shaghar es tu anneshik
tar vodkerud tarm pachik.

Yes khu motu ul-lahi
patut matnu antznehi.

Pachik mu kezi tayi
heto kyankhu azdehi.

Sweet girl, sweet love,
come, come, take my soul.

I can't do without you.
Wherever you go, take me with you.

Take me with you, O sweet one, even if it’s for ten years.

You are like sugar, my sweet one.
Let me kiss your feet.

If I were close to you,
I would stay under your wall.

I would give you a kiss,
I’d even give my life.


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